Fired Pico Rivera teacher bullied students, saved pictures of nude women on class computer, report says

Jose Lara Quote:

“School board member Jose Lara said he believes students should feel empowered to speak up when they are being mistreated, but it's the adults' responsibility to ensure that doesn't happen in the first place.”

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LA Times: Facing a deadline, this South L.A. high school hustles to boost enrollment by 3 students

Jose Lara Quote:

"Right now it's urgent because we want to get our head count up and because it's the beginning of the school year," he said. He paused, then added, "but forget about the head counts, the numbers, the money, there's a moral issue as well. And morally, we've got to do the right thing and get the kids into schools."

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The Press Enterprise: High school ethnic studies would be required in California under Riverside lawmaker’s bill

Jose Lara quote:

“We have a diverse state with a diverse history,” he said. “We have to recognize all ethnic history. We need to take action statewide.”Lara, a trustee of the El Rancho Unified School District in Pico Rivera, said it’s important that people see themselves in textbooks.

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Education Post: There Are Small Things We Can Do Every Day to Make Our LGBT Students Feel Safe

“As teachers, we often do not know how powerful an impact we do have on our students. Sometimes a simple smile and peace sign can give students the acknowledgement that, yes I see you, yes I accept you, yes you are safe here and this is your home, this is your school.”


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California Educator Honored with Social Justice Activist Award

“NEA awarded the Social Justice Activist Award to Jose Lara, a social studies teacher at Santee Education Complex High School in Los Angeles, for his work in educational justice. The award was presented on Sun., July 5 at NEA’s Representative Assembly in Orlando.”

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LA Times - Front Page - Jose Lara visits homes to reduce truancy rates


Jose Lara on the front page of the Los Angeles Times (September 17, 2016)

"Four weeks into the new school year, Jose Lara, the dean of a South Los Angeles high school, approached a sagging white bungalow and shook the gate, summoning the household’s guard dog, a Chihuahua.

“Do you know where Stefani is?” he asked the woman who opened the door. She didn’t — in fact, no one knew where the 10th-grader was. The year before, Stefani had attended Lara’s school, the institutional-sounding Santee Education Complex. But over the summer she had disappeared with her 25-year-old Salvadoran boyfriend.

She was 16, her mother was dead, and her father was absent. The only people looking for her were an LAPD detective and Lara.

Lara climbed into his car, consulted his spreadsheet of missing students, and made a note by Stefani’s name."

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